Rant on phones

In the middle of class, a person scrolled through their phone while in uttanasana.  She refused to take the phone out of the room after asking her to do so.  As a result, this blog entry manifested – haven’t written one in a long time.  This is the toned down version to what I initially wrote.  I’ve replaced all the ‘f’ words and removed most of the angry tones…I think.

Yoga is a mental and physical discipline and that begins with less sensory distractions. When a yoga instructor asks you to leave your phone outside and refrain from talking, this is where the practice starts!  Your instructor should know more about yoga so don’t use ignorance and ego to block your learning.  Since you chose to come to a yoga class (and pay for it), learn respect for the space and others.  If this doesn’t work for you today, darling, kindly stay home and play with your phone! 

Should you say, that I need to chill, to let go, besides “it’s yoga” blah blah  blah – note that I am guiding yoga, not gymnastics! The foundation of yoga is focus. As the instructor, this hour is not my practice, it’s about guiding practitioners toward stilling their minds.  Limited knowledge has blown yoga practice into something that is not yoga. Yes, you will find instructors who don’t care if you walk in or out anytime, use your phone, disturb others or talk while in class.  I don’t teach that kind of yoga. You will also find classes where goats, beer, and paddle boards are thrown in – in the name of yoga.  Nope, don’t teach that kind either!  In the process of guiding a class, the goal is to instill awareness. The discovery and power of the breath leads to recognition of what lies beyond the layers of the mind and ego.  To progress through these layers requires a conducive environment with less sensory distractions.  This relies on support from the organization and those participating in class. 

Today’s society is in staggering need of discipline and respect.  However, (fitness) organization will powder the tushies of their customers with pixie dust just to retain them.  They, like some instructors, are afraid of confrontation, yet respect has to be earned and discipline instilled.  What better place to start with yourself than in a yoga class?

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