Could it be that religion fears the loss of power over those who find peace in themselves?

It’s not the 1st time I’ve come across an article filled with so much ignorance but since this one is from Toronto, I just gotta say somethings peeps!  Maaaaybe the benefit from the article is that people are encouraged to look deeper into the practice and dispel ignorance before it spreads like that Cali wildfire. 

While not named such, the principles of yoga can be found in every religion, but yoga is not a religion.  There is no preacher or priest who gives a crap about whether you show up to church.  There is also no collection plate to support somebody’s lifestyle and all their 26 employees!  Yoga is the discovery of the Self.  Capitalized “Self” because it refers to your inner Self, your true being without external expectations.  Donations – then – will come from and benefit that inner ‘place’ as opposed to being required for an external blessing.  

The word Hindu was coined by the Greeks, who, under Alexander the Great, referred to the people on the banks of the river Indus as “Indoos”, turning into “Hindus” over time.  A geographical/cultural identity, not a religious one! 

Chanting mantras, doing asanas, breathing and meditation will not turn you into a Hindu, because you would have to move to the River Indus!  These principles of yoga only help you to quiet your mind and get to know your Self. Organized Religion has long lost its path to self-awareness and traded it in for external gratification.

It’s time to open your mind before making assumptions – ask questions, even about what I am writing because it is only through inquiry that we can get rid of ignorance!  Learn more about the different practices of yoga, not just asana and experience it for yourself!  When you bring mind, body and breath together it enables a level of awareness of your Self that church prayer and song has not been able to grant for centuries. 

Who knows, self-awareness will likely make you a better member of your church as well!

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