Tony has been a very regular hot yoga member at the Goodlife fitness on Weber Street Waterloo. This year, he decided to retire, sell his home, and bust a move! He promised to be back by Fall next year. I can’t wait for him to return – I can finally put my chair yoga training into practice!  

So Tony, what brought you into a yoga class? 

I guess it was a desire for a different kind of exercise initially with the addition of maintaining and increasing overall flexibility.

How has the practice influenced your life?

Yoga has given me some youth back in my body and allowed me to feel better and do more. Yoga has also taught me to take life as it comes and has helped to reduce my stress levels.

I take this time to just focus on me and think of nothing else during class.

Meaningful/memorable moments in class?

For me it was the progress, there was so much I could not do for a long time. Now I can do more and push a little farther and feel better for it.


Favourite poses?

I like to plank and do core work.

My favorite pose is to lay on my stomach and put my right ear on the floor.


Biggest challenge in the practice?

Keeping thought out of my head.

Thank you, Tony for this long-awaited interview!  I’ll be sure to include your favourite pose upon return 🙂  Enjoy your time away!  



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