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About 2 years ago, I met Indu in hot yoga class. She was curious about the kapalabhati pranayam. Sometime after, we spoke about her experiences, travels and tribulations that eventually brought her to Canada. Her dedication to the practice is very impressive. Despite Covid lockdowns, Indu remains a very diligent yoga practitioner, always aiming to improve her knowledge, strength and flexibility.

Here’s Indu’s interview on her yoga experiences…

What brought you into a yoga class?

I started yoga alongside my sister-in-law, in Bhopal, India at the age of 16. We learnt kriyas (cleansing techniques) and asanas to help with individual ailments. I have scoliosis and the guru gave me exercises to help manage that. Although I was very flexible at this time, the kriyas helped with the asanas. Due to life circumstances I had to take a break from the practice. For many years, I forgot all about yoga until two years ago when I tried Hot Yoga at Goodlife Fitness. But more so it was Nirala’s classes that really attracted me to rejoin. Her dedication, positivity, and perseverance helped me a lot in achieving my desired level of practice. My prime intention to do yoga is to have a balanced mind and body, and to keep myself fit.

How has the practice influenced your life?

Yoga has definitely influenced every aspect of my life, it is rejuvenating, and relaxing. When I practice yoga, I forget all about my worries. It has given me lots of energy throughout the day which I was lacking for so many years. It also reduces my anxiety, and helps shed extra body weight.

Memorable moment in class?

One of the most memorable moments in class was when I learnt about the negative effects associated with plastic bottles. Especially with the heat of the hot yoga studio, I questioned whether it was safe to drink out of plastic. At this point, I became conscious about what I was putting into my body, and switched to a steel bottle.

Favourite pose?

Plow pose, also known as Halasana is my favourite! At first I found it difficult to bend into this asana. I was struggling and it felt like an experiment but with practice I was able to bring my legs overhead. I like how this asana feels, how it stretches the whole body.

Biggest challenge in the practice?

Headstand – which I am still practicing.

Something we don’t know about you?

I am a go-getter, highly positive and motivating.

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