Retreat Q & A


The day starts with a continental breakfast before our sunrise yoga practice.  Free time from brunch to dinner can be spent swimming, “liming”, hiking, reading, journaling, breathing, or exploring activities in/outside the village.  For dinner, we meet on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.  The soothing evening program will help unwind body and mind before bed.


The cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago reflects its cultural diversity.  No where in the world can you find a more creative, eclectic mix, mouthwatering selection of Indian, Creole, Spanish, and Chinese dishes. For the retreat, we will have a local cook preparing breakfast, brunch, and dinner with locally grown vegetables and fruits.  


Yoga classes will be catered to all levels, including those without experience. Classes will be instructional for ultimate benefit / proper alignment for each person. Although arm balances and inversions classes are included, they are optional.  The fundamentals will be covered to ensure they are done with safety in mind.  Although highly recommended, all yoga classes are optional. 


There are two tours included – we’ll be flexible with each due to seasonal conditions. A local fishing boat will take us on a breath-taking tour around St. Giles island to witness the nesting Frigate birds and Boobies.  On another day, we’ll explore the levels of the lush Argyle waterfalls and climb to the top for a waterfall massage!  For the island tour around Tobago, we’ll hire a ‘maxi taxi’, and make several stops for: hot ‘doubles’, a dip at Pigeon Pt. beach, hot Callaloo soup at a street vendor, etc.  After this island tour, we’ll fall into beds, and not wake up till the smell of coffee wafts through the morning air the next day…unless that rooster… 😉 


Within the village, there are walking tours to the highest peak of Tobago or nearby waterfalls, water sports – stand up paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips, fishing trips etc.  Tours outside of Charlotteville include: turtle watching, bioluminescence, rainforest, birdwatching, visit to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool, No Man’s Land, cocoa estate, etc.