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Nirala is a passionate yoga practitioner, student of Vedanta, and drinker of many teas. She grew up in an Indian household and wanted to learn the depths of the culture and its practices. The journey to explore her cultural roots began in 2011 when she immersed herself in a gurukulam, the traditional ashram-based way of learning, at a school recognized as the leading yoga institution by the Ministry of AYUSH (Yoga and Ayurveda), Government of India. This experience set her on the path of life-long study, returning to India ever so often at select schools, and participating in various philosophy courses and discussions.

In addition to guiding yoga classes, Nirala creates a clean line of all-natural skin care products, selling exclusively online and through local health stores. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and just to make sure she remains completely unemployable, also attained a degree in political science from the University of Waterloo.

If you’d like to learn more, join her in class, meet for tea, enroll in a course, or sign up for an amazing retreat on a secluded Caribbean island! See reviews on the retreats here!

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  1. Nirala, you are a super cool yoga instructor and I love being in your classes. Your evening hot yoga classes at GoodLife are the best – always challenging but relaxing. Thanks for doing what you do! You will have to tell me about your skincare line next time. Look forward to seeing you soon.

    PS: I’ve been coming to your classes for about 8 months, and the entire time I thought your name was “Narong”! I have terrible ears. Anyways, Namaste 🙂

  2. I have been privileged to know Nirala for many years and it was through hot yoga where we initially met. Initially, I was skeptical in partaking in such a practice as I didn’t see how it would align with my fitness goals for sport performance. I was thoroughly interested in all forms of fitness with my educational background (kinesiology) and career focus (personal training / fitness management). Over the years, I look back now and am so thankful to have had the “right” experience with a yoga mentor (Nirala) that went above and beyond teaching fundamental yoga practice. She introduced concepts of breathing, mental and physical control, mind-body awareness, all while maintaining a level of passion for mobility training that came from within. A level of passion that you cannot teach. Mastery in her craft, through understanding self (mind and body) and willingness to share that to the public. Beyond physical components (injury management, joint mobility, etc.), I have learned to hygienically move my body and listen to it in ways that would be untapped without Nirala’s coaching. Through my initial learning in her YIN YOGA class, I now have a framework that I continue to keep building upon. Thank you so much Nirala for allowing me to explore a side of fitness that I couldn’t comprehend at the time, but one that has given me so much confidence in moving forward physically in new ways whilst maintaining a sense of self. Not only am I continuing to perform at a high level thanks to you, but you have inspired me to continue my journey in impacting health through exercise with all my clientele, friends, and family. Namaste!

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