Yoga & Meditation Getaway!

I’d like to invite you to participate in a personal and memorable retreat experience in the recently declared UNESCO biosphere reserve of northeast Tobago!

Nestled in an isolated cliff side, our eco-friendly villa offers panoramic views of the entire village, the rainforest, and the Caribbean Ocean.

Benefit from personal instruction throughout the week and practice heightened awareness as you move through tailored yoga asanas, and guided meditation. No experience required!

This retreat supports and integrates with the local community, culture, and cuisine.  Enjoy fresh, tasty meals (vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian) prepared by local chefs.  Connect with the laid-back pace of this traditional, protected Caribbean Village.

In your free time, participate in group explorations, float, snorkel or dive in the salty Caribbean Ocean, hike through tropical forests, listen to birds, or simply breathe the fresh air and spend ample time relaxing.