Did The Trip To India Meet Your Expectations?

“Did this trip meet your expectations?”  This was the question I’ve had to answer since returning.  As I contemplate my response, I realize that the question is not applicable.  I had no expectations.  Six months before booking this trip, my reason was to learn better ways to cope with stress.  Quite unrealistic, I think.  For example, if one month in a yoga ashram was all that was needed for people to learn how to handle stress, people will be flooding to India.  So, the ‘why did I?’ is still unclear. Perhaps I just needed to get away, but if you knew me, I could/would have picked an easier trip…like on a beach surrounded with palm trees :).

Entire group incl. advanced students
Karma yoga: gardening with ancient tools

I will never forget the 2nd day at the Ashram.  Gandhar, the program co-ordinator and his Australian wife, Kate, met with 4 dorms (16 girls) in the library for an introductory session.  That evening, I had a migraine from the lack of sleep and the time zone transition.  I was a few minutes late but met the group sitting in a circle on a large faded rectangular mat in the small library.  As the side of my head pounded, I tried my best to listen without rolling my eyes into my head to the excited group profess their expectations and goals from this course.  Each answered the question of ‘why are you here?’  Whether it is to teach yoga or to add to their profession, the answers were mainly for the yoga certificate.  A couple were not sure if they will teach and others were already teaching and needed ‘proof’ of training.  They all had justifiable reasons, afterall, they travelled from different parts of the earth to a yoga teacher’s training program.  When it was my turn to answer, I reached deep down, hoping to find that true answer, the one I didn’t have the few weeks before leaving on this trip.  I looked at Gandhar and all I could come up with was ‘I have no idea why I am here.’  I didn’t mind the amused faces and chuckling around the room as it was (and still is) really what I felt.

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