Cleansing Day

Don’t read if you can’t handle the deets of my bodily fluids. After meditation this morning was cleansing time. It involved 4 kriyas (cleansing techniques): Jala neti (neti pot), which is fairly easy and effective for colds and allergies. Been using the neti pot for some years now.   Then after the nose was cleaned came the insertion of the rubber string. That was… interesting. At first the string didn’t go beyond 1 inch up but Saji helped to maneuver it until it got to my throat!  This is where I’m supposed to use fingers to fish it out from my throat but I started gagging and pulled it back out from my nose. Fun eh? But, I had to try it again since the purpose of Kriya is to remove any blockages…mentally and physically. After a few unsuccessful trials, the Dutch-Canadian, Alice, told me to keep running it through my until it appears in the mouth and not in the throat. I thought it would end up in my neck! I tried it and voila!  Now for the other nostril. It was hard to take a pic of this since I felt and looked like crap after gagging several times. Advance yoga requires some crazy shit.

For the 3rd kriya, we had to drink 3+ cups of salt water and vomit it out. Keep in mind this was done before breakfast. The purpose is to cleanse the stomach of the undigested and if you have a cold, you also get to witness blobs and bubbles of mucous. Sorry to gross you out, but my cold did improve after. When the top end was cleared, the bottom end came next. :). A few cups (3+) of salt water with a series of twisting and compressing asanas/yoga postures followed.  This procedure of drinking salt water and doing asanas had to be repeated 3 times – that was a lot of salt water.  This kriya will clean your intestines better than any foiled or blister wrapped magic herbal concoction sitting on a pretty little package at your most trusted health store. This procedure worked wonders and will remove stuff that shouldn’t be stored like undigested food crusts that can get stuck to the intestines. Didn’t believe it would work but wow!

We were then placed on bland food (Kichori) doused with ghee (clarified butter) for half day.


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  1. It was totally gross and everyone's hacking and gagging made you want to gag even more. The teacher would walk around and say 'good' like Palpatine on Star Wars when he praised Anakin.. I think it was his Indian accent that made it sound so! 🙂

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