In a nutshell

My Exposure to Yoga

In 2011,

I travelled to India to learn about yoga – for stress relief. I came back with a teacher’s certificate and (to shorten a long story) been teaching ever since.

In 2013,

I travelled back to India and stayed at a different ashram for an advance yoga teacher training course. Advance yoga is not about becoming a contortionist.  It’s all about gaining control of the mind through a crap-load of meditation techniques. I prefer to train in India because of the authenticity and experience of the entire trip. In addition to asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandhas, the trainings included meditation techniques (tantra, kriya, chakra, ajapa japa, antar mouna, mantras), yoga nidra, Ayurveda and shatkarma. Additionally, I’ve taken several workshops including alignment, adjustment and ashtanga vinyasa.

I currently teach Foundation yoga, vinyasa, yin and power.

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