It’s about 8pm in Goa and after being swarmed on the beach by unidentifiable flying insects, I made my way back to the hut only to see a mouse skitter across the floor. My neighbours are Swedish and they sound like extremely drunk Middle Age characters.

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This morning, I got moved immediately to the hut next door after innocently asking management if it was common to have mice in the huts! 🙂

Currently, I’m sweltering under a shaded beach chair doing what I do best – people watching! Feels odd having to do nothing…but I’m already used to it!  😀 It’s not a nude beach, but what some of these women wear, it might as well be. And no, I’m not taking any pics for you guys!

Spoke with Padam, he runs the hotel restaurant on the beach. He’s from Nepal, and like most shopkeepers in Goa, he’s here from late October to end of April during the peak tourist season. He then returns home to work at another restaurant. From May to October, shops and hotels are completely closed because this part of India begins to scorch.

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  1. The pictures brought me back 50 years ago! I grew up in a similar environment with just the basics and without any frills. Now you and others see this as exotic and enchanting!

    1. Coming to India is like taking a trip into the past…the simplicity, the pace, the archaic tools (shovels and wheel barrow – which is a basin filled with soil and placed on the head) and the amount of labour required to get things done without modern conveniences.

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