Cocoa-Shea Balm


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Cocoa-Shea Balm, 95g.

Made with raw, unrefined cocoa and shea butters, this balm is high in fatty acids, and rich in phytochemicals to lock in moisture, and slow damage from UV rays. These butters help hydrate, nourish, and improve elasticity of the skin.  Cocoa butter is also used to heal rashes from conditions like eczema and dermatitis. The linoleic acid content of shea butter provides anti-inflammatory, and hydration boosting effects on the skin.  To help minimize the appearance of stretchmarks, many women use cocoa and shea butters during pregnancy.

Can be used from head to toes!  Some of the many applications of the coco-shea balm are:

Hair treatment

Dry scalp treatment

Moisturizer for body and face

After sun treatment

Apply to lips

Apply to nail cuticles

Dry feet/heels treatment.



Apply directly to skin within a few minutes of drying off.  For best results, use 2x per day – mornings and evenings.  For expecting mothers, be sure to target belly, sides and hips. Massage until absorbed.


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